The History And Importance Of Teeth

The teeth are the hardest substances in our body. We all know that they are essential for chewing, but they also play a considerable role when it comes to our ability to speak. Parts of the teeth are: enamel (hardest part of your entire body), dentin, pulp, cementum and periodontal ligament. The crowns of teeth project into the mouth, and the root of each tooth goes down into the jaw. The teeth are amongst the most long-lasting and distinctive characteristic of the mammal species. Our teeth start to form before we are even born, and they are as unique as our fingerprints.

If we look way back, about 2,500 years ago, we would be surprised how much the Mayan civilization knew and understood how to take care of their teeth. While most people today want to whiten their teeth, the Mayans did things with their teeth you could not even imagine. They would decorate their teeth in many ways, making small holes in their teeth which they fitted with gemstones and all kinds of jewels, so their mouths would look pretty. If their dentists could do this without breaking their teeth then the Mayans must have been really skilled at dental work.

It is also interesting that hundreds of years ago, when there wasn’t anything close to a specific dental profession many people went to the dentist only when they had a toothache, and they required the tooth to be taken out. During that time, the blacksmiths and barbers, having the appropriate tools, did the majority of dental work.

On the other hand, nowadays science and dental profession have progressed incredibly says for example, China’s researchers are trying to grow synthetic teeth. Although they are still far away from accomplishing that, they have some interesting ideas. They thought of using stem cells, but since getting a hold of those is pretty difficult, they came up with another solution – using human urine to extract them. As you can figure, there are some issues with this method, such as contamination issues, or making the mouth fully accept the new synthetic teeth that need to be inserted. There’s no doubt that dental profession has thrived until today, and it will surely continue to develop and improve in the future.

It also has to be mentioned that our oral hygiene is very important, not only because of the teeth, but also because many diseases including heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis, are related to our oral health. Before the invention of a modern toothpaste, people used ashes, lemon juice and many other things to clean their teeth, so be thankful for all today’s dental products, and take good care of your teeth because your permanent teeth only grow once.